May Meeting

The WSB May Meeting is Saturday May 30th from 2-6pm on the back deck of Lou's place near the Fairgrounds. Bring your homebrews in kegs and they can be hooked up to Lou's kegerators. Or, bring your homebrews in bottles and growlers, and some snacks to share. Lou will be providing some smoked meats. More info is in our last Newsletter emailed out. Lou just had his PRO-AM beer, a Marzen, put on tap at Reuben's Brews. It will be entered into the PRO-AM competition at the Great American Beer Festival.
The June Meeting is Saturday June 20th and starts with a Learn to Homebrew session at 10am by Jack and his son Mike. The Meeting is 2pm-? The theme is summer brews.
The July Meeting is Saturday July 25th.
Get your homebrews ready for our Oktoberfest, our Barleywine Meeting in January, Strangebrewary in February and our Wood Fest (wood-aged brews) in March. Does the club want a "Randall" event?

Big Brew! and Cask Fest winners

Saturday, May 2nd, is Big Brew! It will be hosted by our president, Jack, at his place near Brownsville. The brewers can set up their brewing equipment on the driveway starting at 9am. A few pop-up tents will be available. There is plenty of parking across the street at the church. The world-wide Toast to Homebrewing is at 10am. There are a few recipes on the AHA website or use your own. A few brewers will be making Mojito beers and that recipe will be in a Newsletter. Please bring your homebrews, commercial brews and snacks to share and a taster glass. Maybe a few chairs and pop-up tents. Be prepared for any weather. Big Brew usually lasts until 6 to 9pm.

Thank You to all who came out for Cask Fest and to the 10 homebrewers who made a Cask for us. A big Thank You to Andy Graham at McCloud's Grillhouse for allowing us to have the Fest there. Twenty two people voted for Favorite Cask and the winners are: Third Place went to Kent for his Vanilla Oatmeal Stout with 7 votes. Second Place with 8 votes is Jason for his English Bitter. A tie for First Place with 11 votes each is Oggie for his Peary Mortem pear cider and Curt for his Dark Mild. Congratulations to All! We definitely would like to see this Fest continue.

Seattle Beer Week is May 7th through the 17th. Silver City Brewery was chosen to make the official SBW beer and it is a lager. Brewmaster Don Spencer is our club's first president. The SBW Kick-Off celebration will be at the Rhein Haus (formerly Von Trapp's) on Capitol Hill with the Silvery City Brewery crew. Join in if you can.

The May Meeting is May 30th and hosted by Lou at his place near the Fairgrounds. Homebrewers are welcomed to bring kegs of their brew to be dispensed through the two large kegerators that Lou has. Or - there could be a WSB Pub Crawl to Ballard. The June Meeting is June 20th hosted by Mike and the July Meeting is July 25th hosted by Curt and Diane.

Remember next March is the WSB Wood Fest. Start planning and aging your brew in wood barrels or on wood chips. Maybe have an Irish theme for St. Patrick's Day.

Homebrew and Pi(e)

The March Homebrew and Pi(e) Meeting will be Saturday March 14 (3.14.15) from Noon-6pm in the brewery at the Silver City Taproom in Bremerton. Please bring a sweet or savory pie, a taster glass and your homebrew (no commercial beers except Silver City beers will be allowed). There are outlets available if you need it for a warming tray or whatever. We will be taking donations for the venue. Dan the bar manager has the brewery all set up for us before we arrive and then breaks it down after the meeting. Thanks you so much Dan! There will be some WSB schwag to purchase.

The WSB Cask Fest is Saturday April 25th from 2-6pm at McCloud's Grill House in East Bremerton. Start researching on preparing and dispensing your cask conditioned homebrews.

The Annual AHA Big Brew is Saturday May 2nd and will be hosted by our club president Jack M. in Brownsville. This is a world-wide event where hombrew clubs have their members get-together and brew for the day. The AHA has a recipe provided or you can brew up any style. The Toast to Homebrewing is 10am our time.


The club's Second Annual Strangbrewary event will be Sunday February 15th from 2-6pm at the Bremerton Marina. Please bring your homebrewed Strange Brews in a growler or 2 or 3 bottles to share and we will have an informal vote on Strangest and then Tastiest Brew. Please label your brews with your name and the name of the brew. We will start tasting and note taking at 3pm, then start voting at 5pm and then announce the winners (the most combined votes -1st, 2nd and 3rd place votes) by 6pm. From 2-3pm, as we are waiting for everyone to arrive, we can share other homebrews that aren't in the competition. Members who don't brew can bring a commercial brew and snacks to share (not enough power for crockpots-though). If you can't make the meeting, try to get your Strange Brew to another member who will be attending. Don't forget your taster glass and bottled water. More info will be in the Strangebrewary Newsletter.
The March Meeting will be Homebrews and Pi(e) Day at the Silver City Taproom in East Bremerton on Saturday March 14th from Noon-6pm. Bring whatever style homebrew and a sweet or savory pie to share.
April will be our Cask Fest and this year it will be any beer style and ABV and we will then have an informal vote on favorite cask.
Wood Fest could be another event for the club later in the year or in March 2016. Either use a wooden barrel if you have it or use raw, toasted or soaked woodchips in your brew.

Barleywine Meeting

The Annual January Barleywine Meeting is Saturday January 17th in Silverdale from Noon-6pm and is hosted by Vic and Mary. Please bring your homebrewed barleywine or commercial barleywine and potluck dishes to share. Also, a taster glass and bottled water. We will also be accepting donations for the Clear Creek Trail Association. WSB hoodies, tee shirts, pint glasses and stickers will also be for sale. A designated Driver is highly recommended for this meeting. More details are in the January Newsletter.
Our Second Annual Strangebrewary event is scheduled for Sunday February 15th in Bremerton. Our Homebrew and Pi(e) meeting is on Saturday March 14th at the Silver City Taproom in Bremerton. April Cask Fest is at McCloud's in East Bremerton. Big Brew will be hosted by Jack in Brownsville. The May Meeting will be hosted by Lou. June will be hosted by Mike in Brownsville. July will be hosted by Kent and Lori. August is usually hosted by Oggie and Wendy. September is usually hosted by Curt and Diane. Oktoberfest could be at Silver City Taproom again. November could be hosted by Tim and December may be hosted again by John and Emilia.

New Club Officers

The West Sound Brewers have elected their new Club Officers and a "Congratulations" goes out to Jack our new President, Kent our new Vice-President and Dave who will help us with the Newsletter. Vic is still Treasurer and Diane and Marti are still Co-Secretaries.
Our Annual Barleywine Meeting is scheduled for Saturday January 17, 2015 from Noon-6pm and will again be hosted by Vic and Mary.

December Meeting

The December Meeting of the WSB will be Saturday December 6th from 1-9pm and hosted by John and Emilia near Indianola. We will have elections for our Club Officers and also our "Bring a Bottle-Take a Bottle" gift exchange. Please bring your homebrews, commercial brews and a potluck dish to share. Plus bring a taster glass. There will also be a grill available to use. There are still a few WSB items for sale and hopefully our new WSB stickers will be available and they will be 25 cents each. More info is in the Newsletter that was emailed out 11/22.
Our annual Barleywine Meeting will be on the weekend of the MLK Holiday in January. February will be our second annual Strangebrewary event and we will vote for Strangest and then Tastiest Brew. March is Homebrew and Pi(e). April is Cask Fest and we will vote for Favorite Cask and May is Big Brew.

WSB November Meeting

The November Meeting is Saturday November 15th from 1-6pm and will be hosted by Alan at his place in Lofall. The theme will be Seasonal Brews. Please bring a taster glass and your homebrews, commercial brews and snacks to share. There will also be WSB pint glasses, tshirts and hoodies for sale.

Congratulations to Tim for having the favorite Oktoberfest and to Ryan for having the favorite Fresh Hop brews at our last meeting. And a big Thank You to Dan the bar manger at Silver City Taproom for allowing us to have the meeting in the brewery. The meeting was well attended and nice to see new club members. The food was delicious.

The December Meeting will be Saturday December 6th and will be hosted by John in Indianola. We will have our "Bring a Beer-Take a Beer" gift exchange and will also have our elections for new Officers.

Oktoberfest Meeting

The WSB Oktoberfest Meeting is Saturday October 25th from 2-8pm and will be held at the Silver City Brewery Taproom in Bremerton. Please bring your homebrewed Oktoberfest/Marzen/Fresh Hop beers to share and we will have an informal voting for best brews. You are also welcomed to bring any other homebrews - no commercial beers at this meeting, please. Please bring snacks to share - there will be room for crockpots (maybe filled with already cooked brats or sausages?/!). And this will also be a good meeting to share your homemade mustards.

The November Meeting will be hosted by Alan. The December Meeting will again be hosted by John and will feature winter brews and we will have our Bring a Beer-Take a Beer Exchange. January is our Barleywine Meeting (homebrews and commercial beers). February is our Strangebrewary event (homebrews only). The March Meeting is scheduled for Saturday 3.14.15 as our Homebrew and Pi(e) Fest - sweet or savory pies!

The Club would like to bring back Cask Fest and that would most likely be held in April. Big Brew is the first Saturday in May and hopefully that will be held at Olympic Brewing Supply.

September Meeting

The WSB September Meeting is Saturday September 20th from 3pm to whenever and is hosted by Curt and Diane at their place in East Bremerton. The theme will be Oktoberfest and/or Pumpkin brews. A grill will be available. Since it is harvest season - maybe bring your homemade pickles or other canning/preserves to share. Hopefully it will be nice weather and we can sit outside. Please bring a taster glass, your homebrews and snacks to share. Details are in the September Newsletter.

The WSB Oktoberfest/Meeting is Saturday October 25th from 2-8pm and will be held at the Silver City Taproom in East Bremerton. Please bring your homebrewed Oktoberfests/Marzens/Fresh Hop brews and we will have an informal voting on favorite brew. No other commercial brews at this meeting please.


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