December Meeting

The December WSB Meeting is Saturday December 21st from 3pm-? at Jack and Vicki's place near Brownsville. Bring your homebrews, holiday brews and a gift for the white elephant exchange. Please bring a taster glass and snacks to share. We will be electing our new club officers-starting about 5:30pm. President. Vice-President. Secretary. Treasurer. The brew-related White Elephant Exchange starts about 6pm. Gifts could be bottled homebrews, bottled commercial brews, homebrewing supplies or books, food made with beer/alcohol or other brew-related items. Value between $5 and $10. Details are in the December Newsletter already emailed out.

The January Meeting is scheduled for Saturday January 18th.

Strangebrewary will be our February Meeting. Start thinking up and testing some Strange Brews and we will have an informal voting for best brew.